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Jobs at Waipareira


Whether it is children, aging parents, sport or cultural commitments, study or community interests, everyone has different needs and responsibilities.

We understand the need to be flexible, to help our people do all the things they love. 

We are open to discussing flexibility for all our positions – whether that's working part-time, outside normal business hours, from different locations, or job-sharing.

We have adopted a very broad definition of flexibility, recognizing it will mean different things for different people and different work types.  We also have leave options that include parental leave, study leave.

We encourage our leaders to manage flexible working by checking in with their team members regularly to see what is going on outside work.  We urge our people to trial new ways of flexible working and to take a guilt-free attitude to flexibility because it improves productivity, engagement, and results for clients.

Jobs at Waipareira

This is the website where we outline our vacancies, jobs and careers at Te Whānau O Waipareira.
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